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Pine Needle Basketry

Where and how to get supplies  /  Usufull sites

Materials and Suppliers:
In the US, you could get most of the materials online and some at craft stores like Micaels and JoAnn.
As for the pine needles, you can also pick up your self on the gound in your area.
In Japan, you cannot buy pine needles.  You need to pick up your self.
There are more shot pine needles in Japan compared to the U.S.
Still if you look for the long pine needles, you can find them.
As for the length of pine needles for basket making, you want to get about 15cm in length if possible to do the work easier.  You could use less than 15cm pine needles, but it takes a little more time and skill to handle short ones.
I do not think you want to use less than 12cm ones.
Other than pine needles, the materials for pine needle making, you could get them at the craft stores like Yuzawaya and other local craft supply stores.
You may buy waxed line threads on Japanese online stores.
FYI, even in the U.S. , we, baset makers almost always pick up pine needles, wash and dry themselves.  About the materials, we quite often buy them online.  The below are some web address from which we order materials.        
Other pine needle baskets related sites: 
I found Japanese web site regarding raffia pine needle making as below.
If you see any other web site in either Japanese or English that may be useful, please let me know and I will add to the list.
To see images of pine needle basket, you can go to internet and type Pine needle basket images , then click.  You will find so many beautiful baskets images !

Collect fallen pine needles on the ground.

Get longer ones in lengths as much as possilbe.

Don't collect them if they are still on the trees, nore break branches to gew the pine needles from tree.

​Wash and dry the pine needles and bundle in swmall bunches.

You could dye the pine needles, too.

Find something nice to use as basket center or make it yourself.

There are many materials you can use as coiling threads.

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