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Pine Needle Basketry

How to make a pine needle basket - example

First, you choose something for center, thread go with it.  Then briefly visualize a finished basket image including size.  You could also make teneriff yourself for center, or just

use pine needles and make it for center. 

Now you bundle some pine needles as core and start coiling with the thread around the center,

As you make, you may change idea from the one that you originally visualized.

But don't worry often happens.


1. Attach some pine needles to the center and tie the pine needles to the center with the thread.


2. For first row, coil

pine needles (core)

with the thread

around the center.


3. Second row and next rows, repeat coiling outerside of previouse rows.


4. Now you finished the bottom part, and ready to start making walls for the basket side.

5. Now the basket is almost done.


6. The basket is done.

This basket have sheathes as part of design, but most of the time, sheathes are not used.


You need to keep adding pine needles to the core pine needle bundle when you coil the core.

It is easy to use longer pine needles in length, but short pine needles will do, too. 

You could use any kind of thread as long as

it is strong and thin enough.


Do you think this looks interesting?You could use many types of threads and centers to make so many kinds of variations.

Please go to see gallery for more baskets

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