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Pine Needle Basketry

Books of Pine needle basketry



Japanese written books:

Below are the first pine needle

basketry books written 

in Japanese.


Title: Pine Needle Basketry - Basic

by Kumi Salisbury

See right for front and index pages



Title: Pine Needle Basketry - Advanced

by Kumi Salisbury


See below for front and index pages


Where to purchase:

In Japan from Amazon site:、 

Or from Japan America Publishing Co. site: 

(You could purchase in Japan and the U.S. through

In the U.S., you could order directly at

For English books, I recomend the below 6 books.

"Pine Needle Raffia Basketry" by Jeannie McFarland

"Advanced Pattern Book" by Jeannie McFarland

"Pine Needle Basketry" (sub title: From Forest Floor to Finished Project) by Judy Mofield Mallow

"Pine Spirit Basket Making" (sub title: A Modern Approach to the Ancient Art of Coiled Basket Making) by Sande Rowan

"The Joy of Basket Making Volume One" (sub title: Pine Spirit's Complete Guide to Coiling) by Sande Rowan

"The Joy of Basket Making Volume two" (sub title: Pine Spirit's Complete Guide to Coiling) by Sande Rowan

You could purchase them through www. or their web site.

There are more good books, but many of them were published sometime ago, and cannot get new ones.  Also the methods written in the books sometimes are different from the ones taught these days., so I recommend you that you buy after you master current methods in case you are interested in the books.


There are two DVDs made by Nadine Spier, which I really recommend you to watch.  They are pine needle basket making basic and advanced.  It in English, but  you could understand many just by watching them.

You can purchase them through and through her web site. (

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